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Beginning as a hypnosis music project, Rhedcerulean is the product of partially blended array musical styles and psychedelic philosophies. The project focuses on creating trance inducing and psychedelic experiences, which is often the result of mixing parts of opposites and bits of extremes just enough to make something curiously new. While using synths and acoustic recordings, Jeremy Lynch creates ambient and down-tempo music that often features quasi-spiritual motifs and sarcastic hypnosis experiments.

Within the name Rhedcerulean is the embodiment of the artistic philosophy that drives the musical project. The first part "rhed" is a deliberate misspelling of its phonetic twin, (the color) red. You see, the word "cerulean" is the color blue; itÕs similar to turquoise. Together, red and cerulean create a purple blend, which is the unofficial color of hypnosis. The "h" was added as a sarcastic nod toward the word Dharma. In essence, the name Rhedcerulean is loaded with implications about blending and transforming while exploiting various motifs and styles, much like the music that Jeremy produces.

Often moody, sometime atonal, and otherwise out of tune, the music of Rhedcerulean is reminiscent of a chronic depression with a hopeful optimism that someday soon things wonÕt suck so bad. Many of the songs feature some element of anti-pop mockery with a sincere attempt to be uplifting. The music is a break from the norm. It's introspective, but it's refreshingly satirical.

The most recent full-length recording by Rhedceruelan, Kindling, will be available on Auricular Records in April of 2010.

Listeners tell me that my music makes them feel relaxed and creative."
- Jeremy Lynch -